follow url Firstly, can we just take a moment to admire the beauty of this bottle…

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best indicator for 60 seconds binary options Gin is fast becoming the most popular and trendy alcoholic spirit in the UK. With new flavours hitting the supermarket shelves and craft fayres each week, gin is much more accessible and likeable to young and old. I mean would anyone refuse a good Raspberry or Elderflower Martini or Long Iced Tea!? And wait for it… gin is meant to be the least calorific alcoholic spirit, WINNING! So I introduce Silent Pool Gin.

follow After recently purchasing my bar cart, I have been looking for different types of spirits and drinks to display along with the most beautiful and striking bottles and for me, this beauty really stood out from the crowd. So I was super happy when Silent Pool invited me down to the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch during their pop up event and take part in a Gin Masterclass.

binary trading companies We arrived in this really cool area within the centre of the Hotel, with Silent Pool’s signature turquoise lights glowing in the room. This company is seriously good at their branding and visual merchandising.

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We started by drinking complimentary gin and tonics in these stunning Silent Pool glasses (where can I buy these beauty’s from?) which definitely got our taste buds going for more gin and the night ahead of us.

Our Masterclass was led by one of the founding Partners and Creator of Silent Pool, Corey Mason. This guy really knows his stuff!

Corey started to tell us about the Silent Pool story, branding, approach and legendary myths that surround the Distillery.

Silent Pool is actually the name of the lake situated at the foot of the North Downs in Guilford, Surrey where the Distillery is located. The historical tale is that King John on his horse, abducted a woodcutter’s daughter who was forced into the deep water and drowned. Legend has it that the maiden can be seen at midnight and haunts the area.

The colour of the bottle was hand picked to reflect the colour of the Silent Pool (yes there is actually a lake this beautiful in the UK) and the copper print on the bottle represents all of the botanicals that go into the gin as well as an image of King John and the maiden. COCKTAIL MAKING

We started by making a lovely honey and lemon gin martini which went down a real treat. For this cocktail, I got to use the cocktail shaker and strainer and try and perfect my skills. I can safely say that I need more practice ha. Secondly, we made the most delicious long cocktail drink which basically tasted like apple and cinnamon pie and all things Christmasy. I have such a sweet tooth so this was heaven. I could have made and drunk another 2 or 3!

I fell so madly in love with this drink, that I took down the recipe and will be making it at home this weekend. If sweet drinks or apple pies are your thing then I am going to do a post specifically for this drink nearer to Christmas, so watch this space!


I won’t lie, I was nursing a sore head the next morning but it was completely worth it. My Hubbie (who thinks he’s a bit of a gin connoisseur) was quick to point out that Silent Pool was the best gin he had tasted and I have to agree with him.

And if the night couldn’t have got any better we walked away with a shiny brand new bottle of Silent Pool Gin. This beauty is destined for my bar cart!

I want to say a huge thank you to Silent Pool for having us, we had an absolute blast. Let the cocktail making commence…


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