IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS It’s happening! Two years after moving into our home, I am finally allowed unleash my creativity. YAY! I really do love this part of interior design. The large messy building jobs are of course are so important, but I feel like they take forever especially when you are staring at bare plastered walls, old floorboards and coping without a proper kitchen for nearly two years (I had enough microwave meals to last me a life time as well as my waist line!). It can feel like an awful long time from when you start a home renovation to the point where you can buy the furniture and style all of the pieces which make a house into a home.

Tutta la Informazione di 3t - Turian S.r.l. di Porcia (Friuli-venezia Giulia). Telefono, indirizzo, vendite, impiegati, società equilibrio I have been collecting interior accessories for quite some years now. I have quite an eclectic style and never feel inspired to just follow an interior trend for the sake of it. Your home is definitely not like your wardrobe; it’s not where you can totally redecorate your house every season as the trends change. The style and details you choose for your home have to be to a taste that suits you, your family and your lifestyle. Because unless you are a blogger, the probability is that the basis of the style you choose will be there for some years to come. And that’s why Binary trading journal athens wv apartments the small details are key to changing the look of interiors without having to spend time and money completing redecorating over and over again.


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The spare bedroom (which has been used as a storage facility for all my home accessories and trinkets we had picked up on our travels), is slowly looking like it could be a bedroom again. Result- more room for clothes! Do not let the husband read that!

The downside is that some of the pieces I bought over the years do not fit in with the house and rooms I am styling, and in honesty, they are not to my taste anymore. Your own tastes and styles change over the years and that’s great because it provides us the incentive to want to update the styling and interiors in our home.

I thought I would share a few snaps of the first styling projects I am working on. It’s a real working progress, but it’s so exciting to utilise the accessories I already had and purchase new items as I mooch the home stores and then mixing both together. Please excuse the quality of the pictures- I am in the transition of upgrading from my mobiles Instagram pics to a professional camera. Recommendations welcome!









I will definitely upload more posts on my styling projects, with specific posts including the various IKEA hacks I have completed, DIY projects, canvas paintings and the styling tricks I use to create each look.

For now, I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my progress so far!


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