Every morning I wake up for my 9-5 desk job, and I am dreaming of where my next vacation will be. Hands up, I have been victim many a times to the social media holiday countdown! And as I am edging towards the BIG 30 next year, its got me thinking about all the things I want to see and experience.

So, me and the Hubbie have made a promise that every year, we will visit a different City for a long weekend and also visit a destination off our bucket list. I am thinking Iceland for next years trip- definitely want to see the Northern Lights! And Vegas may be inevitable because of our 30th birthdays. No doubt I will try and sneak another holiday in as well *hands over face*.


I thought I would share with you my watch Bucket List of Top 10 Travel Destinations.


source url 1. Las Vegas, USA

Vegas is number 1 on our bucket list because me and Hubbie really want to book it for our joint 30th birthday celebrations. From the casino’s, shopping, nightlife, shows, attractions and the a-maz-ing hotels, it seems like an unforgettable place to visit.


cheap Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2015 2. Australia

The older I get, the more I put life into perspective.  It’s also made me question my life goals and where I really see myself in say, 10 years. And I don’t know if that’s in the same neighbourhood where I grew up and went to school, with the same people saying hello to each other in 30 years time. I just think that there is so much more to experience and see and that includes working and meeting new people in other parts of the World too.

The quality of living in Ozzy-land is meant to be so much better than the UK, not to mention the better weather and the much healthier lifestyle Aussie’s seem to have. So for us, we would love to go out to Oz for a month and explore all of the Cities, and the lifestyle and really consider whether this could be a permanent move in the future.


follow 3. Iceland

Iceland is definitely our next ‘City’ trip. Iceland is obviously a country, but its somewhere that we would only visit for around 4 days. The main two attractions and reasons I would like to visit Iceland are of course, the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon, the Geothermal spa.


watch 4. Jamaica, Dominican Republic & Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean Islands

I thought I would cluster the Caribbean Islands together as there are so many Islands to choose from and places we would love to visit. But we have done the hard work and narrowed it down to our Top 3! Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Trinidad & Tobago. All three islands appeal to us for their diverse cultures, gorgeous beaches and surroundings.


OEM Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion 5. Maldives

I am sure that the Maldives will appear on everyone’s bucket list (unless you are lucky enough to have already been!). We did consider the Maldives for our Honeymoon but as I wanted to do it properly in one of those straw thatched villas that sit in the Ocean, the price tag was coming out at a cool £10k. I am sure you can go there for much much cheaper, but our budget was a lot less than £10k and we figured we could always visit the Maldives at a later date and still go all out. You never know, if we win the lottery any time soon, we could be going this year!


here 6. Cancun, Mexico

Mexico has always been somewhere I can envisage visiting either as a couple, with friends or as a family. It’s a destination that suits all. There is the infamous Cancun, which I’d love to visit or even stay near, but also someone gorgeous nearby areas that are much more tranquil without the BongoBongo nightlubs. Geordie Shore has made me feel like I have already been there and experienced the nightlife! I have seen some incredible photos of the nearby Chichen Itza Mayan ruins, the Belize barrier reef and the amazing Cenote Ik Kil and I would love to visit them all! 7. Tahiti & Bora Bora, French Polynesia Islands

This is definitely my dream destination, and slightly unattainable. When I mention it to people they are like, WHAT!?? They’re either thinking what is that or never even heard of it! So I thought I would write a few facts here instead of rambling on about why I want to go as the pictures alone should speak for itself. The islands are made up of some well know destinations that people just do not know are within the French Polynesia Islands. Ever heard of Tahiti or Bora Bora? That’s the French Polynesia. There are over 100 islands and its a varied mixture of Exoctic (think Maldives) and Mountanous (think Caribbean). To me, the French Polynesia is not just paradise and beautiful to boot, but its so remote that you would feel like you were on another planet. The Lonely Planet has an amazing online guide linked here. One day I will visit the French Polynesia, one day…


go to site 8. Canada

I cannot ski to save my life! But my Hubbie loves it and dreams of going back to Canada’s slopes. From seeing an ice-hockey game, experiencing City life in Vancouver, visiting Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains, Canada is an exciting place to visit. Its not somewhere that we would visit in the next few years, but definitely somewhere within the next 10 years.


9. Goa, India

India may not appear on everyone’s bucket list but we’ve heard some great things from people that have visited Goa and its somewhere that we would love to visit and experience ourselves. From the tranquil beaches to the bustling streets and markets, Goa is the luxury destination in India.


10. Santorini, Greece

This was way further up the list but we have already booked Santorini and are due to go in September, EXCITING! I literally cannot wait. The picturesque white buildings with the backdrop of the vivid blue sea, topped off with one of the best sunsets in the World; Santorini is really becoming a popular holiday destination. Its probably not the best location for a family holiday due to all the walking and stairs you will climb, but for a group of friends or romantic getaways, its ideal. We have booked a hotel which overlooks the live volcano, has prime views of the sunset and there’s even an outdoor hot tub so ‘advanced warning’ there will be many pictures posted on Instagram of that view!


I really hope that this post has got you thinking about where you would like to travel and inspired you to create your own bucket list!

Are any of the above travel destinations on your bucket list? If you have any awesome suggestions please tell me below…


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