see Two of the main interior design trends of 2016 are Botanical and Bohemian. And we can only thank H&M for delivering a range which encompasses both styles into classic and on trend pieces.

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opciones binarias en español H&M; BALEARIC BOHEMIA & SPACE SHIFTERS

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hd dating site The Botanical trend is bringing the outdoors in with an infusion of Asian influences. Key designs and colours you will see within this trend are palm tree/leaf prints, tones of greens painted on walls, gold inspired furniture and accessories such as terraniums and lanterns, and who could forget the touch of a Buddha head or statue.  


opções binárias infomoney SPACE SHIFTERS: BOTANICAL

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The Bohemia trend has long also been known as eclectic. No rules apply (in principle) to this style. As long as you keep the basics simple like the colour on the walls and the furniture, you can add splashes of colour with accessories and dressings. This also allows you to change accessories as and when you purchase new items and trends evolve over time. You can produce a Bohemian living environment in two different ways; deliberate or natural bohemian.

The deliberate method would be the same as if you were decorating to any other trend. You would decide on the main colour with one-two accent colours, and then seek and purchase items to compliment.

The Natural Bohemian decor is based on one thing; no rules. It is an eclectic mix of exciting finds from your travels or purchases throughout the years. There does not have to be a common theme, or colour, just all the pieces you love.




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